Way of the Wicked

Forged in Hellfire

The newly forged Nessian Knot spent three months being trained by Adrastus Thorn and Tiadora. They were kept carefully sequestered with all physical needs taken care of.

Thorn turned out to be a genius and a teacher par excellence. His lessons were focused and never wasteful. Drilled both individually and as a team, the Knot gained a greater understanding of the world and their place within it.

Tiadora schooled them in martial arts and tactics, proving to be a cruel sadist who revels in their failure and suffering. Aided by her seemingly endless supply of slaves, the Knot was further honed into a team.

After training was finished, Adrastus pronounced them ready and held a great banquet in their honor. He officially awarded them the title of the Nessian Knot in a ritual involving blood and fire. During the ritual he summoned forth a barbed devil to which he offered one of the slaves. The devil gleefully ripped the slave apart, feasting on the blood. With a silver athame, the Cardinal drew forth some of the devil’s blood and used it to trace the holy symbol of Asmodeus on the forehead of each member.

“Behold” he proclaimed, “The Nessian Knot is forged.”



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