Way of the Wicked

To The North!

It takes half a day to sail down the Varnyn River and out into the open ocean. The Frosthamar hugs the coast and from the ship you can see countless farming communities and fishing villages go by. More than a few fishermen wave at the Frosthamar. Kargeld is always sure to wave back. “Wouldn’t want ‘em to get suspicious, eh?” he says with a glower.

The Frosthamar is not swift so heavily-laden and averages about forty eight miles a day. It takes a week for the ship to pass along the settled coast of Talingarde passing the great city of Daveryn, the largest center of civilization along the western coast.

The Blade of St. Martius

Close to the Watch Wall, a single small patrol ship named “The Blade of St. Martius” spots the Frosthamar and sails towards her to investigate.

Kargeld grimly pairs down their options, “She’s seen us, sure as damnation. And there is no way the ‘Frosthamar’ will outrun her loaded like this. One look at our cargo and they’ll know us for exactly what we are – weapon smugglers.”

The Nessian Knot quickly concocts a plan to trick the patrol, posing as a party of Mithran adventurers led by the somewhat known Sir Balin, aided in this as they possess both the knight’s armor and distinctive Alerion order holy symbol.

The Frosthamar and its crew look very suspicious to Captain Edward Sambryl even from afar. They’re a loaded foreign ship headed north. Captain Sambryl is unsure what that means but very sure he wants to find out. As soon as the ship gets close enough, the Talirean sailors begin shouting “Heave to in the name of the king!” Kargeld and his men comply, slowing the ship and awaiting the approach.

Before they can draw fully alongside, “Sir Balin” addresses Captain Sambryl and assures him that he and his Aasimar companions are on a holy mission to the north. He is still slightly suspicious and unsure but ultimately draws his ship away, back toward shore, allowing the Frosthamar to continue.

The Hope of the Haunted

Dark have been Nerianus’ dreams of late. A haunted triton oracle of Mitra, Nerianus has always been regarded as mad by his tribe. He has foreseen that a great evil is coming and has become convinced that only he can stop it. That great evil is of course the Nessian Knot. Nerianus has gathered a small group of triton believers and their dolphin allies and now they moved to intercept the Frosthamar.

The Nessian Knot, aided by the sailors and captain Odenkirk quickly turned the battle against the triton and ultimately killed Nerianus, but not before he spoke to them a prophecy… “The shining sun has seen the wickedness you hide in hearts. And thus it will be the sun who brings your doom.”

Seal Isle

As Odenkirk sails north he knows that he will pass close to one of the richest fur seal harbors in all of Talingarde. Seal Isle is rarely hunted by Talirean fishing boats because it is too far north and too dangerous. And so, the captain approaches the Knot.

“We are a little light on fresh water I think. We are passing Seal Isle and there is a stream that feeds into the bay there. We’ll take on water there. I’ll send a party to the shore. Of course, that means we’ll spend a day in some of the richest fur seal hunting grounds all along this coast. I’m thinking of organizing a hunting expedition. Interested?"

The Nessian Knot agrees, also persuaded by their own greed to this little detour. Once near the isle, they set out in one of the folding canoes while the captain takes the other. For three days they hunt seals, the Knot using the second to plan their eventual betrayal of the captain. Though they had some modest success the Knot’s canoe is attacked by hungry bunyips and a dangerous fight against the creatures takes place though the cultists are ultimately able to kill the creatures and even recover one to be skinned.

Whale-Hunters and the Ice Demon

A small group of Yutak hunters encounter the Frosthamar and bartering ensues. The hunters had a valuable narwhal horn and were willing to trade for some of the metal weapons the Nessian Knot were escorting to the north. Hopefully no one would notice a few missing spears. As they went their seperate ways, the Knot continuing north and the hunters south, a warning was shouted by one of them to watch out for an “Ice Demon”.

This warning turned out to be apt. In the dead of night as the Frostahamar was nearing the river to take them to their final destination, a cold snap hit suddenly. The temperature plummeted well below freezing and ice rime formed on the rigging. It began to snow- flurries giving way to fat flakes and biting winds. The crew lit up torches to provide both light and warmth in the freezing darkness. This proved to be a mistake as a nearby ice spirit named Kiliketz takes offense at the mortals’ interference.

Leading a small band of ice elementals across the barely liquid water towards the intruding ship, the mephit stealthily flew to the top of the ship’s mast while the elementals assaulted from the sides. In the ensuing combat he flung down spells at the crew from his perch.

Unfortunately for the mephit, his minions were no match for the crew and passengers and before he could think to fly away, a lucky sleep spell from the Nessian Knot caused him to fall down to the deck and become their captive.

They kept him in a lantern cage for a time but later would allow him some freedom to move about, Kiliketz seeming to find the company of these cultists interesting enough to stick around, though he turns out to not always strictly helpful.



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