Way of the Wicked

Prison Break and Into the Knot

After escaping the prison with Grumblejack, surviving the monstrous Lashtongue and crossing the moors with guard patrols at your heels, finding the house on the Old Moor Road pales beside your other accomplishments. As promised, a lonely lantern burned in the upper story. The place otherwise shows little sign of habitation. Old but well-appointed, the house is large, imposing and alone on its hill. Painted a dark green and surrounded by barbed wrought iron fencing, nothing about this place seemed inviting or a sanctuary.

You were “greeted” by the beautiful Tiadora who welcomed you into the manor and had her collection of attractive slaves tend to your every whim before finally bringing you to meet your mysterious benefactor: Cardinal Adrastus Thorn, the last high priest of Asmodeus in Talingarde.


Thorn offered you the chance to sign a pact, with the promise of bringing destruction to all of Talingarde. All you needed to do was bind yourself to the service of the secret Asmodean cult and power, wealth, revenge… all would be yours for the taking. After some shrewd negotiation the deal was struck, the pact was signed.

For a few days you were treated as honored guests, pampered and lavished upon by the slaves, treated to all the benefits one might expect of nobility and quite the change from your time as forsaken prisoners not so long ago. The group was presented with gifts, Tiadora retrieving requested equipment and supplies for them and also special Iron Circlets allowing them to move more stealthily throughout the kingdom and symbols of your new affiliation: silver unholy symbols of Asmodeus.

During the respite you learned that you are not alone in the manor house. Besides the slaves and Tiadora- there are a few others about. In another wing there are four individuals who seem to have been recruited just as you were, calling themselves “The White Ravens” and hailing from the mainland somewhere outside Talingarde. Their leader is the beautiful Elise Zadaria, some sort of spellcaster who often is accompanied by an albino raven for which the group has taken its name. Alongside her is Dostan Alfson, a Half-Elven barbarian who so far speaks very little. Tallus “Trak” Rackburn, a tracker and hunter of men who took an immediate dislike to Thraden when he began flirting with Elise. Finally, Titus “Trik” Rackburn, the twin brother of Trak and cleric of Asmodeus, he seems quite charming, friendly and approachable- very out of place in the group.

After being allowed to relax and refresh yourselves over the course of three days you were again summoned to meed the Cardinal. Though impressed with your escape from Branderscar it seems he still wishes to test your abilities as a group and has prepared some sort of challenge for you in his basement. He has given you until the following night to complete his tests and retrieve a pendant of silver and sapphire for him.



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