Way of the Wicked

At Last, Aldencross

Arriving late in the town of Aldencross, the Nessian Knot finds it to still have some life in it. This border town seems to serve as a popular stop for merchants and has an active square where all sorts of goods are peddled as well as several well stocked shops. There is but one inn which serves travellers, a large establishment called The Lord’s Dalliance.

The Knot is quickly taken to be some sort of adventurer group, their Oracle assumed to be a Wizard due to the presence of Kiliketz- her “familiar”, their unholy knight passing quite easily as a member of the Alerion knights due to the very convincing and legitimate armor and holy symbol taken from Sir Balin’s corpse and the shocking tiefling using a glamour to pass for an unassuming- and quite mute aasimar healer.

Almost immediately the group sets about gathering information about those residing in the inn, the town, the tower and any other information they can get ahold of. Several snippits of information and rumor are quickly gleaned, it seems the people of Talingarde are all too trusting…



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